We leverge our transactional expertise to tackle complex assignments that achieve increased value for our client. Add our in-depth industry-specific knowldge and you have all the ingredients for a successful, premium transaction.

Our Services

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Capital Raise
  • Financial Advisory
  • Strategic Planning
  • Valuation
  • Dashboard

Our Industry Expertise

  • Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Healthcare Administration/Revenue Cycle Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Business to Business Services
Tullius brought tremendous knowledge and experience to the transaction and treated me with kindness and respect.  They expertly guided me through a process that was much more detailed than I first expected. — Tasa Jessup, Owner - Jessup Janitorial, LLC
Tullius Partners provided excellent representation throughout the process of selling our company. We cannot imagine having gone through this process without them. — Grant Capelouto, Owner - Capelouto Termite & Pest Control
...Tullius has been a pleasure to work with, good at following up and keeping things moving forward and helpful in resvoling [any] negotiation issues [that came] up along the way.   — Rune Riegels Christensen, Group Vice President - Region Legal Officer Americas, ISS World
We are elated with our decision to work with Tullius Partners. All of the financial goals...were not only achieved but surpassed. The advice we got throughout the process was spot on. Enough cannot be said about the experience and expertise the Tullius team provided... — Mark Anderson, CEO - CBM Systems, Inc.
Tullius Partners employs a very specific and detailed system to position a company properly for sale. The exhaustive time, effort and careful approach to detail would prove to be extremely valuable and help us to secure the best possible value for our business. — Chuck Russell, President - Eradico Services
[Tullius] more then earned [their] well deserved fee with [their] knowledge, expertise, & relationships with prospective buyers that translated into getting the best deal for my business. [They] helped make me aware of potential issues in advance & make plans accordingly that kept me from making costly errors in selling my company... — Danny Myers, Owner - Myers Services
I never considered selling on my own as it is too complicated and emotional of a task. I believe that Tullius can get the best deal for anyone considering selling...Their fees were minimal compared to the peace of mind you gain in partnering with them for your business transactions. — Kevin Pass, Founder - Action Pest Control,Inc.
[Tullius'] efforts and insight were key elements in the successful closing of the deal. ...[W]e have many people, both internally and as advisors to GSF, that has merger & acquisition know-how. Yet, I don’t believe this transaction would have happened without the involvement of Tullius Partners as part of our team. — Tim Rupard, CEO - Groupe Services France, Inc.
Tullius Partners was the driving force to help us target and identify best in class attributes... They guided us through the entire process and...I cannot imagine having done so without [their] guidance and expertise. The value they created...far exceeded their fees. — Garry Tank, President - Buffalo Exterminating Co., Inc.
Tullius Partners brought a consortium of legitimate suitors to the table...Having received multiple offers, [we] felt satisfied that we were receiving the maximum value for our company. [Tullius'] honest approach and counsel..gave us the confidence that they were truly looking out for our best interest… — Brad Rolph, President - Specialty Medical Equipment, LLC.
We found [Tullius] to be valuable consultants, honest and knowledgeable. I believe the biggest asset they brought to the table…was creditability (sic).  Although there are many good companies performing such services, my experience with Tullius Partners was a successful one which I enjoyed. — Steve J. Guy, Executive Vice President & COO - Oxford Development Company
It was a pleasure to work with Tullius Partners. They were always professional and pleasant throughout this long process. They have the background and experience to bring the right buyers to the table.  Once the buyer was found they helped tremendously with the sale from beginning to end. — Janis Graham-Jones, Owner - Berkshire Springs, Inc.
We chose Tullius Partners…because of [their] demonstrated expertise in the facilities services industry as well as our comfort with [them]. Our deal was complex and required tremendous perseverance and ingenuity to complete. As part of our team, [Tullius] brought these traits to the table. — Philip Caprio, Jr., CEO - TMC Services
…Having [Tullius Partners] there to help us through some of the challenging business issues which arose during the due diligence and documentation was highly beneficial. I [appreciated their] professional approach to this transaction and the issues we faced during the process. — H. Mark Rabin, Equire - Selzer Gurvitch Rabin & Obecny
...[C]hoosing Tullius Partners was an easy decision because we already had received positive referencing and comments that came along with [their] reputation…[We] never considered [them] as a supplier but as a business partner, and for us, that difference has been very important... — Pierre Cameron, President - Groupe Cameron
“I feel I was professionally and honestly advised [by Tullius Partners].  [They] got me to my destination via the best and fastest route possible.  [They] offer excellent advice to both prepare [a business for sale] and take it to market.” — Lee Molina, Owner - Beneficial Maintenance Services, Inc.
…Without your expertise, I wouldn’t have received the pricing I did, nor do I think the transaction would have closed. Fortunately, you were a part of my team, and because of that I exceeded my sales price expectations and a difficult transaction was completed smoothly. — Sean McCauley, President - Garden Plus Pest Control
We selected [Tullius] as a result of our previous experience with [them] and the leadership and assistance [they] provided as we developed our strategic plan. We were not disappointed with [their] continuing services…and I believe it would have been very difficult if not impossible for us to complete this transaction on our own... — Jay Vonachen, CEO - Vonachen Services, Inc.
[Tullius] guided us through the sale process from development of supporting financial information to establishing a 'market correct' sale price.  [Their] attention to detail is unsurpassed.  Simply stated, we couldn't have realized the selling price for our business without them. — Elly Snow & Jim Walker, Owners - Seattle Operating Support, LLC
To be honest…I did not envision the results could be as good as they were…everything you told us we could achieve with your help was realized and more…The support, guidance, and attention to detail that Tullius provided throughout the process…were huge in closing this transaction... — Mark O’Hara, President - Anderson Pest Solutions
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Since our founding in 1981, we've been dedicated to enhancing value for our clients through creativity and financial ingenuity. We strive to provide guidance and certainty through an often chaotic and multi-staged process. While working through these complex, competitive and time-sensitive assignments, we meet the diverse objectives of the various stakeholders and ensure our clients have a truly rewarding experience.